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EP11: STORY TIME – I blocked my co-workers and they found out

Relationship 101, y'allz. Blocking people is legit. I block people all the time! Join me for story time.

EP10: Forbidden Love Recommendations

Check out what audiobooks India has been listening to (including audio samples of Sebastian York and Rebekkah Ross) and join her as she dives into her favorite forbidden romance reads.

EP9: Sculpting the Romance Book Blurb

Dying to know which blurbs make readers insta-buy? Join India as she reads and critiques romance book blurbs from traditionally published and self-published authors.

EP8: Stop Dawdling! It’s Time to be Productive…

Stop getting distracted! India shares a few tricks and secrets to being productive and slaying time management.

EP7: Interview with Romance Narrator Carly Robins (aka CJ Bloom)

Carly Robins is one of the greatest narrators of our time. You may also know her as romance narrator extraordinaire CJ Bloom. In this interview, Carly discusses her background, what it's like as a narrator, and offers amazing advice for new artists interested in this craft.

EP6: Marketing for Authors, an Interview with Shawn McNeil

Shawn McNeil is the CEO of EDX, a full service marketing company. In today's episode, Shawn discusses marketing for authors.

EP5: Audiobook Production and Marketing

I’m going to walk you through audiobook production, cost, choosing narrators, and the route I took for my first audiobook. I’ll also discuss marketing for your audiobook, the marketing company I use, and some things to avoid when taking this jump into the audio world!

EP4: Top 6 Reader Pet Peeves

Dear romance authors, there are some pretty major things that will completely put readers off your work. I’ve created a list of six no-no’s that will make your swooners throw your book across the room never to pick up your work again.

EP3: Interview with Author Gina Jones

Romance author Gina A. Jones shares information on her trilogy (The Secret series), her writing process, and works in progress. Her writing can be classified as erotica, romance, and suspense, and The Secret series is available on Amazon and Audible.

EP2: Top 4 Historical Romance Reads

Travel the world with these top historical romance picks! In today's episode, we'll explore The White Pearl by Kate Furnivall (South East Asia), Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (Scotland), The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons (Russia), and Burning Fields by Alli Sinclair (Australia).

EP1: Introduction

Come join me, India Caedmon, and let's talk romance! In NDP's first official podcast episode, I share a little bit about me, my writing, and of course I have some delicious audio samples of Sebastian York and CJ Bloom in the booth recording Stolen Words, my debut novel!

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